Gaming is better for your health than watching television.

While television stimulates our senses and has the ability to enrich our lives, gaming is a hands-on, interactive experience; health care service providers implement gaming as part of treatment plans. All ages benefit from playing games individually or in a multiplayer environment, from the poker software development, to the gaming community, it is all a big bonus.

Cognitive benefits experienced by gamers enhance their quality of life; studies show that repeated gaming interactions improve multitasking abilities and enhance memory skills. These improvements help you at work making you a more efficient and skilled worker.

Children with dyslexia show improved reading and phonology test results after playing video games; improvements occurred after twelve hours of gameplay. Studies have shown children allowed to participate in gaming activities benefit from enhanced memory, perception, and social skills.

Gaming included as part of a therapeutic routine for seniors, can reverse or delay aging-related cognitive deterioration. Everyone can benefit from the reduction of stress levels that gamers experience during interactive and engaging play.

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